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Sun minggao, President of shenzhen qilu general chamber of commerce, was invited to attend the symposium on entrepreneurship

On June 18, a symposium on "entrepreneurship" was held during an exhibition of liu dawei's portraits. The industrial exhibition hall guests gathered on the same day, shenzhen, shenzhen people's political consultative conference, vice chairman of the perimeter Hu, a famous female entrepreneur, shenzhen association of enterprises, entrepreneurs association, executive director of shenzhen in the ms sword and young entrepreneurs representatives from all walks of life, investor and venture together, together to listen to and think the heritage and development of contemporary entrepreneurship, among them "good" economy have been mentioned many times. Sun minggao, executive vice President of shandong lu business alliance, executive vice President of shandong chamber of commerce of guangdong province, President of yantai chamber of commerce of guangdong province, President of qilu general chamber of commerce of shenzhen city, was invited to attend and deliver a speech.

The same day, the symposium by the Chinese and foreign management magazine CEO li yi presided over. Ms. Yu jian, executive chairman of shenzhen enterprise federation and shenzhen entrepreneurs association, gave a speech as the opening guests. She believes that innovation is the soul of entrepreneurship, cooperation is the essence of entrepreneurship, learning is the key to entrepreneurship, persistence is the nature of entrepreneurs, risk is a nature of entrepreneurs, and integrity is the cornerstone of entrepreneurship. At the same time, she thinks that shenzhen, as a city at the forefront of reform and opening up, has seen a large number of outstanding entrepreneurs. Liu dawei, a photographer, recorded these outstanding entrepreneurs with a camera, which is a wealth in the reform and opening up of shenzhen and the development history of China.


Ms. Yu jian delivered a speech


▲Chinese and foreign management magazine CEO Li Yi presided over the symposium

Keynote speakers expressed their views on "good" economics

In the keynote speech on the same day, aluming, chairman of SEE ecological association and chairman of contemporary group, Shared the establishment process of SEE and the implementation of environmental protection projects in the symposium. He believes that entrepreneurs should bring their entrepreneurial spirit into the process of environmental public welfare and desertification control, elevate their entrepreneurial spirit into the public welfare, and assume more responsibilities of environmental protection public welfare.


Alxa SEE ecological association chairman, contemporary group chairman Ai Luming

   Investor li wanshou shares that entrepreneurship is the most concerned about social investment in a core topic. The team spirit is particularly important, and the core of the team is the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship can be divided into several dimensions, including employees, enterprises, government and society, as well as entrepreneurs' kindness to help the weak and help the poor from the bottom of their hearts. An excellent entrepreneur should have the spirit of multiple dimensions, and truly penetrate into all aspects of the enterprise.


Li Wanshou, chairman of collaborative innovation fund management co., LTD

    Sun Minggao, chairman of the board of directors, won the award of "outstanding scholar of Confucian businessmen" not long ago. Chairman sun minggao pointed out that so-called social entrepreneurs should be different from traditional commercial enterprises. Traditional commercial enterprises are profit-oriented, while social enterprises achieve social goals in the way of enterprises. A social entrepreneur should have the spirit of Confucianism, be responsible, take responsibility, and take the initiative to fulfill social responsibilities.


Sun Minggao, President of shenzhen qilu general chamber of commerce

    That day a special distributor caused many applause. Zheng weining, founder of shenzhen canyou group and zheng weining charity foundation, delivered a speech of gratitude with the title of entrepreneurship rebirth, blessing and blessing of good friends, and Shared the achievements of shenzhen canyou group in the employment of the disabled. He believes that it is the rapid development of the Internet economy and the generation of artificial intelligence that have given disabled people more opportunities to participate in the social and economic construction on an equal footing, and at the same time have benefited from the economic income and a more "dignified" life. As an entrepreneur, zheng weining is proud of his company and its employees.


Shenzhen canyou group, Zheng Weining charity foundation founder zheng weining

    Also speaking that day were entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from innovation and venture capital. Mr. Chang zhanhong, an angel investor with ten years of professional manager career and ten years of entrepreneurial experience, is currently the chairman of huateng venture capital. He systematically shares the ideas that entrepreneurs should have in running enterprises, and provides valuable advice for young entrepreneurs to avoid setbacks.


Executive chairman of shenzhen maker association, chairman of huateng venture capital Chang Zhanhong

   The sole entrepreneur in the business to bring QQ farm into the real world was  zhang jiaojiao, the best in the business. He Shared his entrepreneurial journey, from regression in agricultural science and technology industry, from zhang outstanding reflections on China's high quality raw milk, into cattle industry, he could not think China is a agricultural country, but still lag behind the modern agriculture and realize agriculture corner overtaking, not only to complete intensive work, he has to do agricultural service financialization, agricultural gaming, he wants to put his two horns "cow", make "unicorn" enterprise.


Ben niu ecological agriculture investment co., LTD. Shenzhen founder and chairman Zhang Jiaojiao

    The last entrepreneur born in the 1990s who appeared in the keynote speech attracted the attention of the guests. This entrepreneur born in the 1990s was once named as the "30 elites under 30 years old" by Forbes China in 2017. His company is working with world-class maglev and electromagnetic direct drive experts to improve people's lives through the most advanced maglev technology.


Peng chuyao, founder of deep magnetic technology

He believes that entrepreneurship should not be about maximizing profits but about creating maximum social value and reasonable returns. He promises to spend at least 5% of the profits on supporting public good causes, and deep magnetic technology, which he founded, contributes more than that every year.

The entrepreneur growth hall was born to inherit and develop the entrepreneurial spirit

On the same day, the art and design alliance of the Chinese culture promotion association also launched a sharing platform named entrepreneur growth hall, aiming to provide more opportunities for young entrepreneurs to communicate and learn from each other. Hui xuan, director of the art and design alliance of the Chinese culture promotion association, cited a large number of data showing that Chinese private enterprises have made great contributions to promoting social and economic development, and entrepreneurs are the real force to promote social progress.

To, she argues, the growth of entrepreneurs, from photographer da-wei liu in the process of filming entrepreneurs: the light of the spirit of the Chinese business leaders to spurt, Davy liu thought not only need to use images to show outstanding entrepreneur spirit, more need to be in other ways to share a set of process spread to more young generation, the collection process in the future will be entrepreneurs grow pavilion, entrepreneurs college form of the three pillars of enterprise funds, entrepreneurs.

It is reported that the organizers plan to spend 100 days preparing for the entrepreneur growth pavilion, which will be completed in one year, completed in three years, and set up a demonstration model for enterprise spiritual wealth in the 45th anniversary of reform and opening up in five years. The organizers hope that the school will form an in-depth knowledge network to serve the whole group of entrepreneurs. 


Hui xuan, President of art and design alliance of Chinese culture promotion association, initiated the initiative


Veteran photographer bi yu commented on liu's photography

    It is learned that this symposium was held during the exhibition of photographer liu dawei's "portrait photography works of entrepreneurs", which exhibited the portrait photography works of Chinese entrepreneurs who made outstanding contributions in different economic fields in different periods. These people, national representatives of liu chuanzhi, jack ma, ren zhiqiang, dong mingzhu, and entrepreneurs from shenzhen such as ma weihua, xu shaochun, zhai meiqing, liu pound, new entrepreneurs such as zhang guide guide, peng chuyao and so on. Through this entrepreneur portrait photography exhibition and symposium, the audience can through the photographer da-wei liu perspective, in the light of the world see China's most prominent business leaders in this age in different periods of mental outlook, perceive an era of China's elite business thought and spirit, to understand the core of enterprise culture spirit. The festival is also a branch of the 2019 shenzhen international photography exhibition, which runs until the end of June.


▲Group photo of forum guests

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