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Wang jianlin with 3 words, wanda selection, use, leave all done!

On the one hand is easy to get a thousand troops, one will be difficult to find, on the other hand is easy to old feng tang, li guang difficult to seal.

The most important thing in an enterprise is undoubtedly talent, and it is talent that is most difficult to define in a standardized way.

Employing people is an art.

Today, wang jianlin focus on talking with you repeatedly stressed the three words, see how wanda selection, appointment, retention!

There is a famous saying in wanda: man is money, man is career, man is everything. In terms of selecting, employing and retaining employees, wanda really has a theory -- "three higher than", that is, the value of people is higher than the value of things, the value of enterprises is higher than the value of employees, and the social value is higher than the value of enterprises.

"Three higher" runs through the whole process of wanda's human resource management, and is also the source of wanda's human resource management methods, systems and processes.


As wang jianlin said, the key to wanda becoming a world-class enterprise is not money or resources, but talents. Can the wanda group's strategic thinking implementation, implementation in place, the key to see talent.

➤ The value of people is higher than the value of things

Wanda attaches great importance to talents, regarding them as the first capital and the highest value.

Wanda's human resources department is huge and works with dozens of headhunters. Wanda each system in charge, the first job is to find someone, someone what problem is easy to solve.

➤ Enterprise value is higher than employee value

Wanda attaches great importance to the value of people, but compared with the enterprise, the enterprise value is higher than the value of employees, employees should obey the arrangement of wanda.

For example, as wanda develops in many cities across the country, its employees must be subject to transfer. It cannot be said that wanda only wants to work in Beijing and Shanghai, but not anywhere else.

➤ Social value is higher than enterprise value

The ultimate goal of wanda development is to be a social enterprise, because wanda makes the society more advanced and more people enjoy the benefits of enterprise development.

For more than 20 years, according to the talent strategy advocated by wang jianlin, wanda has always adhered to the management concept of "talent is the core capital" and firmly grasped the four important links of talent "selection, utilization, cultivation and retention", effectively supporting the huge demand for talents for wanda's rapid development in recent years.

Below, we will take a look at how wanda manages talent from the five aspects of talent recruitment, training, talent development, performance management and employee relations.




"First-class cause attracts first-class talents, first-class talents create first-class cause, and talents are always wanda's primary resources", which is not only wang jianlin's opinion on talents, but also wanda's selection purpose.

Wanda has always been adhering to high standards in the selection of outstanding talents, especially in the high-end social recruitment, its standards are more stringent. "Four talents" is the recruitment standard of middle and high-end talents of wanda, that is, having industry practice and professional practice experience, having the ability to find and solve problems, having the ability to complete bigger tasks and undertake more important responsibilities in the future, and having higher ideals for enterprise and personal development.

Such strict selection criteria increase the difficulty of recruitment, but ensure the quality of corporate talent. Wanda's rapid and steady development in recent years also proves the correctness of adhering to high standards in talent selection from one side.

Methods: through headhunting companies to recruit a large number of outstanding executives, through the "gravitation" campus recruitment gathered a large number of young talents, through the "three-level talent" reserve mechanism to ensure the timeliness and initiative of talent supply.


培  训


Wanda has always attached great importance to employee training. Wang jianlin pointed out that "training is an important aspect of wanda's core competitiveness. Many people ask why wanda is developing so fast. Therefore, we are willing to spend more than RMB 100 million on seven wanda colleges, which cost more than RMB 90 million each year. The group also needs to spend nearly RMB 100 million on other training costs. The total training cost is nearly RMB 200 million a year."

Wanda not only positions employee training as an important way for employees to quickly integrate into corporate culture and improve business skills, but also positions employee training as an important guarantee for enterprises to constantly optimize business processes and achieve sustained and rapid development.

It is precisely because the group has promoted staff training to a strategic height and made extraordinary and large investment in resources that wanda staff training has achieved remarkable results in both the establishment and improvement of organizational structure and the practice and inheritance of corporate culture.

Wanda's training is rich in content and targeted. According to the coverage and level of participants, it can be divided into full staff training, executive training, middle-level cadre training and grass-roots staff training.

More importantly, under the guidance of the "wanda is a school" learning philosophy, wanda invested a huge amount of money to set up wanda academy, so as to systematize and institutionalize the training work. Useful, is the school motto of wanda college, is the overall guide of all kinds of teaching and service business.

Useful, that is, through training, you can instantly solve practical problems. Useful, reflected in the scope of coverage, both useful for organizational performance, useful for team melting, useful for personal efficiency three aspects; This is reflected in the specific form, emphasizing that "when someone is using, there is an account to calculate", that is, the knowledge learned by the college is only useful if the students are willing to use and receive practical results after returning to work.




Wanda emphasizes "own development", which includes two aspects: one is the enterprise's own, and the other is the employees' own. Wang jianlin mentioned that "the enterprise emphasizes high-speed development, and employees themselves should also emphasize development, not to meet their current position, keep going up. Our company has designed so many steps, that is to let everyone go up."

In wanda, the development of employees is divided into two channels: management and technology. In each level of the development channel, broadband compensation is implemented, so that the progress of employees can be timely reflected, accurately reflecting the value of employees, and timely reflecting the progress of employees.

In addition to the two regular channels, wanda has also established a backup cadre selection and training mechanism, providing employees with broad development space.




Wanda's performance management is divided into results-oriented performance assessment and competency model-based management assessment to comprehensively evaluate employees' contribution to the enterprise.

Performance assessment, mainly assessment of operating indicators, including revenue, profit, expense and other financial indicators, including planning, quality, safety equivalent degree indicators.

Management assessment includes not only the overall management indicators of the company and team management, but also individual management indicators such as work attitude, quality and ability, honesty and self-discipline.

Performance assessment results are combined with management assessment results, which are mainly applied in the following four aspects:

● assisted decision-making, providing reference for the career development and motivation of the assessed person.

● find problems and promote the leaders of the assessed company to find and correct the problems existing in the team and the assessed people.

● prevent risks, prevent the potential risks of the organization, improve the healthy operation level of the organization.

● promotion experience, understand the assessed company management status, explore the advantages, highlights, summarize experience, timely promotion.




Wang jianlin once said that when employees enter wanda, one salary increases, two skills increase and three happiness index increases.

Wanda attaches great importance to the relationship between enterprises and employees. In addition to strictly implementing the relevant national laws and regulations, it has put forward higher requirements within the enterprise, so as to achieve the standard and rigorous labor relations and simple and harmonious employee relations.

For example, wanda has promoted seniority pay and distinctive vacation system for grassroots employees, created simple and harmonious interpersonal relationship, and created comfortable working environment, making wanda the "best employer" in employees' mind.

Various measures have ensured the supply and growth of talents, continuously increasing the number of talents and steadily improving the quality of talents of wanda. Employees have achieved "higher salary, better skills and better happiness index", providing a strong human resource guarantee for wanda to realize the grand vision of "wanda international, a century-old enterprise".

Talent is the foundation of enterprise development!

How to attract more talented people to follow?

How to protect enterprise talents from loss?

It turns out that charismatic leaders attract employees and lead great people!

As a business leader, how to quickly improve personal charisma and pool talents?

Public speaking is the key to personal influence and charisma.

In the era of we media, speech is a must for business leaders.

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