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Ren zhengfei: the general is not trained, is "war" out of the fight!


Looking at a company, we must focus on its talent management mechanism and how to select and train cadres, which is related to the competitiveness of enterprise development and determines the "ethos" of the enterprise. At huawei, ren zhengfei has always stressed the importance of selecting cadres based on successful practices, and those who focus too much on personal achievements to train subordinates cannot become cadres.

How does huawei select its cadres? "We will continue to select cadres from successful practices," ren said.

To build a cadre team with a high sense of mission and responsibility, strategic insight and determination, operational management and control ability, and the spirit of fighting, self-sacrifice and pragmatism.

Dare to select excellent lower-level staff, and dare to eliminate the inaction of the higher level 'chief'.


Prime minister must start in the state

The mighty ones will spring from the ranks

  • 1.Cadres come from the grassroots


"Prime ministers must be selected from prefectures and counties, and generals from the ranks" is huawei's principle of selecting cadres.

This means that huawei cadres must come from the grass-roots line.

No one can be selected to become a cadre without successful practice experience at the grass-roots level. Many senior executives of huawei have grown up step by step from the grass-roots level.

Huawei requires all of its talent to be on the front lines closest to its customers.

Good management personnel, including those engaged in research and development, come from grassroots businesses. They cannot be promoted from government offices.

At present, two-thirds of the middle and senior cadres of huawei have done work related to market, and one-third of the middle and senior cadres have done work related to research and development. All the senior executives have done either market work or research and development work.

Huawei prioritizes the selection of cadres from successful projects and teams.

For example, a cadre who "wins" in Africa may be promoted to a key post in the European region.

Europe is a major battleground, but a cadre of hard-up africans who need to learn and continue to grow may not be up to the task of managing the region globally.

From the key events affecting the development of the company, we can observe the combat effectiveness of a cadre.

Under the circumstance that the risk is controllable, a cadre dares to make decisions and the effect of making decisions continues to be very good. Such cadres can be promoted to be the top leader, while those who dare not make decisions do deputy posts and become cadres of organs.

Huawei also advocates horse racing culture when promoting cadres, and promotes those who run in front of the competition, which is guidance.

Just like the Olympic Games, the glory of the gold medal motivates everyone to fight for the first place, so the fighting power of the organization is improved, the efficiency of the team and the ability of individuals are improved.

"I only pay attention to the person at the front, so the person at the back will follow the person at the front," ren said.


  • 2.Work out in rotation


Ren zhengfei attaches great importance to the cultivation of key cadres at the top and middle levels of the company. He sorts out the key positions of the company, and the leaders of these key positions have to rotate their positions every three years.

In the process of job rotation, there will be difficulties. Some cadres may not want to continue to grow. However, new posts and new businesses require constant learning and capacity improvement, so the pressure will be relatively high.

But if you don't want to move on to a new position, stay where you are. The position may be unstable because someone more capable will emerge.

In 2017, ren zhengfei said in an interview: "the company supports middle and high-level cadres who are willing to grow."

This is the case for middle and senior leaders of huawei, who need to exercise in various positions and constantly accept new challenges.


  • 3.Practice selecting cadres at the grass-roots level


Ren zhengfei's talent concept is:


“To select cadres from practice, generals are made by fighting wars, not by writing articles.


Huawei's experts are not cultivated, but also honed in practice.

If an expert cannot create value and make money for the company, what is an expert? Experts are engineering businessmen, technology businessmen, can create value for the company, is the real experts.

For huawei people, in the complex and changeable market, they have to face formidable challenges at all times and prepare for winter at all times.

In order to survive all these tests, it is necessary to have strict requirements on cadres and select a group of management talents with real fighting ability, so that huawei can always hold a place in the market.

As for the cadres recognized by huawei, ideological height is important, but ideological height cannot decide everything.

Huawei has always paid attention to practice, emphasizing that achievements in theory do not represent achievements in practice.

In huawei, the first requirement for cadres is that they must have experienced grassroots work and have rich practical experience.

Whether you have a master's degree, a doctor's degree or a postdoctoral degree, no matter what famous school you graduated from, if you don't have grass-roots work experience, the company will always pick and choose you.

People who have not worked as marketers, shop floor workers or low-level secretaries are unlikely to be promoted.

In other words, no one without grass-roots work experience can be promoted to a cadre, not even a doctor.

Objective existence is always better than subjective imagination, a person's professional theoretical knowledge is only limited to theory.

If you ask a scholar to put his theory into practice, you will find that many theories cannot be realized, which is why people always believe that practice is the only way to test the truth.

No matter how high a person's educational background is or how much profound knowledge he has learned in school, if he can't put it into practice, it will be of no use to enterprises.

Only through the training and practice at the basic level can people bring out their strengths. Knowledge can be transformed into productive forces only when it is properly used.

Therefore, huawei's cadres must be experienced at the grassroots level before they can take up management positions. Huawei's senior cadres, each from the grassroots, rich practical experience.

Even at the top, they are still struggling.

Many senior officials don't even have holidays and have little personal time at ordinary times. Mobile phones must be on 24 hours a day so that problems can be dealt with anytime and anywhere.

As huawei goes global, these senior cadres from the grassroots often meet late at night to discuss issues.

Huawei does not have the same solid market position, connections and brand as those big international companies, nor do they have any connections to rely on.

They can go to today, thanks to the enterprise culture of hard struggle and some cadres who can bear hardships in the main battlefield, the first line and the tough areas.

These cadres are busy working when others are having a rest or coffee. It is their continuous efforts that make huawei what it is today.

Management is a knowledge as well as a skill.

Light can work can not be a good cadre, but light will not work theory, inevitably can not serve as a cadre.

Only by combining theory with practice, verifying theory with practice and guiding practice with theory, can a person's all abilities be brought into full play.

It is the courage to carry forward the style of hard struggle in practice and the experience and lessons from practice that enable huawei to achieve today's achievements.

Therefore, huawei has integrated this practical spirit into the corporate culture and the selection and training standards of cadres, and implemented it in the whole process of enterprise development.

This to those often sigh with emotion "encounter person not beautiful, nobody is usable" for the enterprise, have enlightenment sense more undoubtedly.


Nine principles for the selection of huawei cadres


In the selection of cadres, huawei emphasizes responsibility result orientation, successful practice experience and team leading. On this basis, dare to break the rules and promote.

In terms of talent development, we must use the selection mechanism to attract talent development. The following are nine principles for the selection of huawei cadres.


1.We will continue to select cadres from those with successful practical experience

 Huawei emphasizes the need to select cadres from those with successful practical experience, and opposes armchair tactics.

People with successful practical experience tend to have certain methods and leadership skills, and they are trained to easily absorb the management methods of the company.

Ren zhengfei believes that huawei's biggest crisis in the future is the inertia of the cadre staff.

  The goal of internal rationalization, is to stimulate the vitality of the organization, so that the team not afraid to charge, cadres must have successful practical experience.

2.Great, bitter and bitter battles are waged by cadres


Huawei stressed that some cadres working in difficult countries and regions, if they are also competent in the market, should not wait for a vacancy, let him on.

The cadres of huawei should be selected from those willing to do it. Therefore, cadres working in different regions should adopt different ways of selection and screening.

"We want to train and select cadres in difficult areas," ren said. "does that mean that developed areas are not conducive to the growth of excellent cadres? Isn't.

Cadres trained in developed regions should pay more attention to improve their professional quality, because your competitors and customers may be much higher than you.

If cadres trained in developed areas are willing to work in difficult areas, we welcome them very much. It would be better if they, like Bethune, gave up their comfortable living conditions to work in difficult areas."

Ren zhengfei stressed: "employees with high cultural quality should go to the front line to achieve success in hard work.

Cadres are sure to emerge from major, serious and bitter wars. Headquarters organs and product systems should send reserve cadres to tough areas for training.

To grow up in a tough environment, the company has to train and select cadres in shangganling."


3.Select key employees in key events


The core employees of the company are the employees that the company can trust and rely on in the face of crisis or major internal and external events in the development process.

The selection of core staff should first examine their loyalty in key events.

Huawei attaches great importance to employees -- for example, when the company has a crisis, needs to take strategic countermeasures, implement major business and staff management policy adjustment, etc. -- the company's core employees must take a clear stand in key events and dare to stick to principles for the company's interests.


4.Officials must go abroad for training


Huawei insists that government officials go abroad for training, and they should stay abroad at the head of the team for a long time to complete the work of the whole project.

Under the condition of effective monitoring, huawei tried its best to streamline the government and unswervingly assigned some cadres to posts that could directly create value.

Ren zhengfei believes: "it will be expensive to let people who don't understand war conduct the war.

The cadre of headquarters organ must have successful practical experience to the business that he serves, and have fast and accurate, service spirit and service ability without complaint.

Staff must also have practical experience in service business."

Huawei headquarters shall gradually transform from a control center to a service center and support center. The deputy head office and general staff shall be streamlined, and the cadres below the deputy head office shall be turned into professional managers.

Huawei rules that permanent positions with decision-making power must come from the front line and be rotated frequently. The headquarters no longer selects the head post from the organ deputy post.

Ren zhengfei stressed: "the selection of cadres, we must have grass-roots success.

What do you mean the command center is built where you can hear the cannon? It means that the command and control power of the project should be in the front line, and the agency only serves the purpose."


5.Pay attention to achievements and choose the best in competition


Huawei attaches great importance to practical achievements in the selection of talents. Those who don't do their job well, don't do the more important job.

In huawei, every employee can work hard and increase his/her ability in work, so as to get the opportunity of promotion.

Accordingly, the fair competition mechanism in posts should be maintained, and the cadre management system should be firmly implemented.

Huawei follows the law of talent growth and establishes a responsibility system for the process based on the objective and fair assessment results, so as to let the most responsible and intelligent people shoulder important responsibilities.

Huawei does not stick to qualifications and ranks. According to organizational goals and career opportunities of the company, huawei promotes outstanding talents and contributors in an exceptional manner according to institutional screening procedures.

Ren zhengfei stressed: "it is a race to pull out a horse.

The top 25% of the fastest runners are left to the authorities to look at quality, look at the teeth, look at the hooves.

You may choose whom you choose, but you must choose among the fast horses."

Huawei's culture is one of horse racing.

In the selection of regional professional business backbone, "pony" will also be given some opportunities. Of course, including the representative office of the stock maintenance of the expert team, can also be generated through "horse racing."


6.Select reserve cadres from successful teams first


Huawei insists on selecting reserve cadres from the staff who are brave and brave and are not afraid of hard work, but this does not mean that "generals" will naturally emerge in "shangganling".

Ren zhengfei said: "how can you sweep the world if you don't sweep a room? If one person cannot lead a small team, how can one lead a large team?

We don't judge a hero by his success or failure, but we don't judge a grassroots cadre who can't succeed with his team within the scope of his job."


7.Train the brave to land on the beach


Ren stressed: "huawei needs to train a large group of warriors who dare to land on beaches, and these people will constantly activate our organization and cadre system.

Although the warrior responsible for the beach landing is not responsible for the task of going deep, as the warrior grows, he will also become a fighter who goes deep."

Brave to beach landing is the warrior, but the warrior can be developed into a general, to select the 25% of the warrior training, training after screening.

Choose 1/3 from 25% and recommend 8% warriors to cadre reserve team. The company should give the warriors who enter the cadre reserve team a chance to practice.

For those warriors who fail to reach the goal of quality after quality training, they should also be regarded as heroes of the company and be given honorary titles. Of course, heroes are not necessarily "generals".


8.Select cadres from a global perspective


What kind of cadres will the company need in the future?

In ren's view, the cadres the company needs in the future are those with deep experience of the market and broad cultural background.

How to understand wide cultural background?

Broad cultural background is "hodgepodge", everything to understand a little.

Senior cadres should have a broad cultural background, cadres should carry out the necessary cycle, this is a good opportunity to learn the broad culture.

Boldly, openly and actively introduce foreign CFO and foreign experts, form a mixed team with huawei's outstanding youth, and build a "concrete" organization in the field of finance and economics.

"Put promising employees in the right positions of management and experts," ren said.

In the past, huawei's management was not open enough, which prevented some excellent talents from fully exerting their talents. Welcome them back and work with us."


9.Find talent from within


Huawei is good at finding talents from within. Major leaders of all departments grow up with huawei, share the same breath and destiny, and are full of love for huawei.

Under such a culture, employees have a deeper understanding of the company's strategy, more thorough implementation of the system, and do things more easily.

Ren zhengfei put forward in his speech at huawei's 2013 annual cadre work conference:

"The company's management and control approach should gradually shift from centralized to 'let those who can hear the sound of the cannon call for the cannon', so that the organization at the front has responsibility and authority, while the organization at the rear is responsible for enabling and supervising."

Managers are like generals on the battlefield. Generals who cannot make soldiers obey cannot win.

At huawei, Mr Ren has been a key advocate of "letting those who can hear the sound of gunfire call for it".

Now, some enterprises go into the wrong area, old employees can not be reused for a long time, they would rather from the external high salary poaching, but also do not want to give loyal employees a raise.

This kind of corporate culture will hurt the enthusiasm of employees, lead to a lack of confidence and hinder the progress of the company's work.

For enterprises, how to cultivate talents from inside is more significant than how to tap external talents.

Because enterprise culture is followed, employee loyalty needs to be cultivated slowly.

Having an outside talent pop up at the core of a company can chill the hearts of those who work with it.

If this person's management and business ability is not outstanding, the result must be the adverse impact of oral dissatisfaction of employees, the execution of the enterprise will be hindered.


A person who values personal accomplishment

Not be a cadre

According to huawei's rules, only those with successful experience at the grassroots level can become cadres, while those who focus on personal achievement cannot become cadres.

Clausewitz, a German military theorist and historian, once said in his treatise on war: "in the vast darkness, let out the glimmer of life and lead the team to victory."

This is a sentence ren zhengfei appreciates very much.

Indeed, in the war, the role of the general is very important, and the light of the general's mind, when the team is in trouble, difficult and helpless, encourage the team out of the vast darkness, and even to the light.

However, as a team leader, ren zhengfei believes that:

It is more important to cultivate a steady stream of followers as "heroes" than to become "heroes" themselves. Therefore, leaders should downplay their personal sense of achievement.

In fact, huawei has come a long way from the "heroic era".

At the very beginning, huawei was just a small company. With the emergence of a large number of "heroes" in various departments, it promoted the rapid development of huawei's career and laid the foundation of huawei.

At that time, in order to develop the company vigorously, ren zhengfei encouraged his employees to exert their personal talents and strive to be "heroes" of various departments of huawei. Many senior managers of huawei emerged in this period.

With the continuous growth of huawei, the internal governance of the company can no longer rely solely on passion and enthusiasm, but more on system and rationality.

During this period, ren zhengfei was keenly aware of the problems in the management of the company and began to seriously consider the relationship between individuals and enterprises.

As a result, ren zhengfei gradually stopped talking about "hero" and paid more attention to how to make huawei a long-term enterprise.

In 2000, in order to make huawei's senior managers better understand the responsibilities of leaders, ren zhengfei organized huawei's cadres above the level of senior vice President to take an examination and write a composition on how to effectively govern the company.

This test is not a lifetime test, test poor people can learn to improve, as long as the next test to make progress.

However, senior managers who fail multiple exams may be demoted.

By taking the exam, ren hopes that many senior managers who grew up in the "heroic era" will be able to change their minds again.

From being a "personal hero" to actively cultivating more "heroes" to support huawei's sustainable development.

Ren also stressed: "people who pay attention to their personal sense of achievement cannot be cadres."

This means that if there are still people at huawei who have not yet moved on from their "personal fulfillment", they will lose opportunities in the future.

Ren zhengfei emphasizes the downplay of personal heroism, hoping to gradually develop huawei into a professionalized enterprise and build a team that relies on process and professional ability for management.

To that end, huawei, with the help of HAY, a us-based consultancy, has developed criteria to assess the qualifications of senior officials.

There are five levels of qualifications. Each senior cadre should fill out a qualification form at the beginning of each year and a report on his or her performance at the end of each year.

The company will evaluate whether the senior cadres are qualified and meet the standard according to their efforts and performance this year.

The qualification assessment of senior cadres shall be presided over by ren zhengfei himself, and cadres above the level of senior vice President shall participate in the assessment.

Through this approach, senior cadres further realize that individual ability is limited, only by gathering the strength of the team, can make better results.

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