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Zeng guofan: no one from heaven, only yourself


Original manuscript | Confucian feng jun

As the saying goes: there are people in China who are easy to become officials.

Zeng guofan is 27 years old, jinshi high school, and then is 10 years to rise 7 times, 37 years old to do the second product.

Official career is so proud, throughout the qing dynasty are unique.

Zeng family not only in the court no one, zeng guofan himself is more upright.

He scorned the sycophandedness of officialdom and offended many people.

In such officialdom "big environment", zeng guofan is unsocial undoubtedly.

The result of not fitting in is that whatever he does, he always meets with a brick wall.

Without the help of noble people, why did zeng guofan become a powerful figure in China's modern history?

--- If you want to meet great people, you have to be an able person ---

People are willing to give you opportunities, half to see the fate between people, half to see your personal efforts and strength.

If you want to have someone to help you, you have to be the prepared person.

Happiness is the process of running all the way and striving to realize your dream.

I'm afraid you are mediocre and comfort yourself that being ordinary is precious.

I'm afraid you are ambitious, but let yourself waste time.

Just so called: blacksmith still needs oneself hard.

Only make yourself stand out, you are likely to get the favor of the noble.

Instead of chasing a horse, take some time to plant a prairie.

When the water grass rich, the horse will naturally seek the water grass.

In the same way, instead of expecting help from your benefactors, you should put more effort into honing your skills and character.

When you work hard enough and are good enough, the whole world will choose to help you.

All the successful people in the world are likely to be your dignitaries.

--- The most reliable noble, is to work hard ---

A truly wise man knows how to be his own man.

As the saying goes: backer mountain will fall, rely on everyone will run, rely on their best.

Dignitaries and opportunities are always available but not sought.

Hard work and effort, but entirely up to us.

You pay a point of effort, you will get a point of harvest.

Today, to practice one point of morality is like saving the next grain of rice.

To advance one's studies tomorrow is like saving a penny.

Over time, character and ability have increased, industry and family.

Even if you don't meet a great person, good luck will come your way.

Confucius said, "a gentleman asks for himself, while a villain asks for others."

Don't blame others for your predicament.

The only thing to complain about is not working hard enough.

Compared to other people's icing on the cake, the continuous growth of their own life is the best noble.

Don't count on good luck falling from the sky.

Opportunities are for those who are prepared.

Without strength, try.

Luck and great men will meet you in the course of your efforts.

No matter what you face, you are always the biggest backer.

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