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20 not diligent, 30 not upright, 40 not rich... (refined)

At twenty he is not diligent, at thirty he is not upright, at forty he is not rich, and at fifty he is weak and needy. Parents to call the background, their call jiangshan dozen!

It's about self-cultivation

Phase from the heart, change within, to change the face, a dark heart can not afford a brilliant face. Where there is love, there is harmony; Where there is harmony, there is pleasure; There is pleasure and grace.

The mouth is the gateway of the heart. What comes out of your mouth represents what comes out of your heart. Heart and mouth are one. A state of low people, can not speak high words; A person without a sense of mission cannot speak words of responsibility; A small pattern of people, can not speak atmospheric words.

The final competition between enterprises is the competition between entrepreneurs and states. See others not pleasing to the eye, is not enough self-cultivation. Only when there is grace can there be virtue, and only when there is virtue can there be happiness. One's life is the process of physical dao, understanding dao and finally getting dao.

About success

To be successful, you must first learn to "pervert" -- change your mindset, state, attitude, etc. The road to success = thinking x action x expression. Many failures are not due to lack of pre-action plan, but to lack of pre-action plan. Work is a lifetime of work, is a thousand years of benefit, name is eternal.

About the team

What is a team, look at the two words to know, the eloquence of the people speaking to a group of people with ears, this is the team.

About the communication

Communication must be based on positive vision, positive thinking, positive language, positive refinement, and positive thinking to achieve effective cooperation. Chinese communication always starts at home.

High-quality communication, should focus on the results, not on the emotional, communication starts from the heart. Communication is the transfer of emotions, information transfer, emotional interaction. There is no right or wrong communication, only the position.

About the gain and loss

To put down to take, to give up to get. The stage is as big as the heart.

About talent

The use of people, the world without exception, the use of people, the world without people. Talents may not have eloquence, but those who have eloquence must be talents. As long as there is talent, sooner or later will be recognized. Some people are underappreciated because they are not big enough.

About learning and growth

Knowledge is learned, ability is practiced, mind is cultivated. Not afraid to read, afraid to sleep late. Said that the purpose of mastery is all application. Not knowledge is power, but the use of knowledge is power. The inadequacy of others is the value of their own existence.

About being smart and stupid

The stupidest man is the one who does what he does not need to do. It is wise to know others, but wise to know oneself. If a person's state of mind is not good, it is easy to be clever by clever mistake.

About money and wealth

Don't turn your life upside down. Life is a treasure. When wealth is scattered, people gather it. There is only one purpose for making money: to spend it. The old saying that there is no time and space, these people are the poorest people, the most stupid people know to put money in the bank, the bank is not love to spend the money of the people, love to spend money to spend.

About corporate marketing

Selling is not selling, it's helping customers buy. All marketing in China can be replaced by the word "Confucianism" : Confucianism (people + needs); Buddha (person + Buddha). Only marketing can achieve profits, and other costs.

The biggest cost of a business is not knowing how to market its customers. Let the customer identify with you continuously, you are successful. The customer CARES not just who you are, but what you can do for him. The customer does not reject the product, nor does he reject the service, he only refuses mediocrity. Rejection is a habit, and when customers reject us, our work is just beginning.

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