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Inamori: there are no shortcuts in life. You just have to use your feet to move forward one step at a time


When we are young, we often have dreams, dreams of great achievements in life. We should encourage all young people to have such dreams.

But young people should know that to achieve great things, they must work hard and devote themselves to their work every day.

Do not work hard, the most ambitious goal is just an unrealistic, simple dream. Nothing worthwhile can be achieved but effort -- only persistent, sustained, meaningful effort.


There are no shortcuts in the journey of life, there is no easy way to climb the magic ladder. You can only use your own feet step by step forward.

There may be those who think that it is impossible to accomplish great things by being so slow and cautious that it seems impossible to complete a long journey. But don't fret.

One small step, one small step accumulates, will breed "multiplication effect". The small results of each day's solid effort will be the motivation to continue. And constant effort leads to greater results. Do not give up, continue to make efforts, in the imperceptible, we will climb even ourselves can not imagine the peak.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Whether it is personal life, or business management, step by step forward, is the only reliable way to achieve the dream.


"How can someone of extraordinary ability achieve extraordinary success?"

The following simple equation can answer this question.

Results in life = way of thinking x effort x ability

"Abilities," including health, ability, and innate adaptability, are mostly congenital.

But "effort" is the desire and drive to do whatever it takes, and it can be determined by one's own will.


"Ability" and "effort" are rated on a scale from zero to 100. At work the two are multiplied.

Therefore, even if there is no outstanding talent, but understand their weaknesses, in order to remedy the lack of enthusiasm, to pay more than anyone else's efforts.

This kind of person can achieve more achievements than those who are naturally talented but arrogant and do not make efforts.


The third element, "mode of thinking", refers to what kind of mental state a person is prepared to put into work and spend his life. "Way of thinking" can be rated on a scale of minus 100 to plus 100.

The mental state of a person who is dominated by negative emotions such as jealousy, jealousy and hatred is a negative number, so ultimately his life is a negative number. On the contrary, a person who has an upright and positive way of thinking is more likely to be successful and live a good life.

Observing this equation shows that the outcome of life is determined not by anything else but by our own hands and efforts.

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