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Crop planting expert


Date of birth: April 15, 1966

Telephone: 13954726485 E-mail: 13954726485@163.com

Work experience: more than 10 years

City: jinxiang county, jining city, shandong province


Farm, cooperative, agricultural company management, technical services, plant protection, regional broker of international garlic trade network


Crop doctor technician ii

Work experience:

From 2002 to 2016, engaged in marketing of agricultural materials and plant protection

January, 2016 -- December, 2016 director of agricultural technology department of shandong jinxiang jingxin cooperative

January 2017 -- now shandong maria agricultural science and technology company garlic cooperative department manager and agricultural technician

Job description:

Company's farm cooperatives agronomic combination of technical data, the local agricultural products acquisition, processing, storage, sales each link of the process, soil and crop diseases and pests control, host garlic, onion, pepper, potato and other economic crops cultivation management and technical training, cooperative company operations process and state subsidies, using computer parameter enters sells saves the software the company to conduct monthly inventory, agricultural materials with WPS series of office software production of a variety of forms, written materials, training courseware PPT video propaganda.


Responsible for the company's pesticide and fertilizer seed mulch sales and agricultural technology consulting, and participated in the garlic planting and cultivation test of the company's experimental field by Chinese academy of agricultural sciences, shandong academy of agricultural sciences, Qingdao agricultural university, jining agricultural machinery technology promotion station and other units, and participated in the tracking record of crop growth, soil, fertilizer, disease and insect pest series data.


In September 2018, a garlic planting training class was held in wugong county, shaanxi province, where 1,000 mu of garlic was successfully planted, and a technical management tracking service agreement was reached with the local government. In the same year, we promoted 500 mu of garlic in chaling, hunan, and 300 mu of garlic in rongcheng lidao, weihai, shandong, and signed a technical service guidance agreement.

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